Saturday, 16 June 2007

Welcome to My Garden!

This is my vegetable garden…..can you tell how green the plot of land is? You will find cabbages, tomatoes, zucchinis, rape blossoms of corn marigold, silverbeet, lettuce etc happily growing alongside clover, dandelion, horsetail and assorted other weeds. I hope you can tell the difference between the vegetables and the sizeable weeds - they are in fact coexisting harmoniously and symbiotically.

I am still a beginner, having completed a year-round cycle of natural farming. Based on my experience, I would like to inform you how it is possible for vegetables and weeds to complement each other.
For an overview of Shizennou principles – natural faming and its philosophy – here is a summary:

If you are not keen about the methodology, please enjoy some photos of the spring feast!


私の畑の写真です。土が緑に覆われているのが分りますか?キャベツ、トマト、ズッキーニ、とう立ちした春菊の花、 ふだん草、レタスなどが、シロツメクサやタンポポ、スギナなどの雑草の中に生息しています。すくすくと育った雑草と、野菜の区別が見分けられると良いので すが。お互いに調和、共生しながら、仲良く共存しているのです。



※ I managed to grow peas and some green leaves: fancy vegetables like carrots, cabbages and zucchinis are a little too advanced for me at this stage. My goal this year is to ‘stave off famine’, which means concentrating on peas and potatoes.



LAM said...

Your plot is looking great! I hope that you are managing to eat up all of those peas and potatoes. Maybe you could include some organic veggie recipe suggestions in your next blog?

Sacchan said...

Problem is....Veggies don't always travel to kitchen. You can't resist biting freshly picked veggie in the garden. Very sweet...even raw onion.