Friday, 15 June 2007


Born and educated in Japan, lived in Melbourne 1997-2002, London 2003-2006 and Tokyo 2006-present.

Inspired by the concept and philosophy of ‘Shizen-nou – Natural Farming’, I am currently renting an allotment in ‘Tsukushi Farm – Tsukushi Nouen’, which is managed by an old university friend and in Tsukuba city, one hour away from Tokyo. Along with twelve other participants (※30 members as in 2009), we have successfully grown and harvested vegetables and rice using the Natural Farming Method.

I have a passion for (in no particular order): food, wine, art, bicycle-riding, rabbits, nature, people and education.



1997-2002 メルボルン在住
2003-2006 ロンドン在住
2006-現在 東京在住


興味(順不同): 食べ物、ワイン、芸術、サイクリング、ウサギ、自然、人々、教育

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DMC and SMC said...

Thanks to CRC we read, with great interest about your horticultural adventures. We hope that the productivity is enough to share with your parents and Erico.

Glad to know that you have a plot of land suitable for all that you are growing and we will follow your developments through time.

May all that you grow look as lush as it does in the blog.