Monday, 5 October 2009

An Endeavour

One of the attractions of farming practice is the limitless sense of ‘space’. Within your designated area, daylight hours are yours to spend. You wander through various ideas as these arise or pursue and develop topics further. Once the field grows darker and you find that you are left alone in a dim light, however, you suddenly seek company – those with whom you can share your daytime thoughts.

We humans are all thinking creatures living in different environments. It is my aspiration to gather thinking individuals and create a common space to exchange and share thoughts, within a timeframe and away from everyday concerns. Participants can then bring thoughts shared back to their normal routine, and until the next meeting, nurse these thoughts in their everyday life.

This is my endeavour. Anybody who is interested, please come and join the group!


農に従事する魅力の一つは、無限の「場」に自分を置くことができることです。決められた区画の中での、日が沈むまでの限られた時間は、あなただけのものです。次々と 浮かぶアイデアに考えを馳せたり、ひとつの題材をより深く探ったり。けれども、あたり一面が暗くなり、自分がその闇に包まれ始めると、急に人恋しくなった りするものです。こんな時に、今日一日の考えを誰かと分かち合えたら…。

異なる環境に身を置いていても、我々人間はみな考える生き物です。日常のそれぞれの場で各々が考えることを、切り取られた空間ではありますが、多くの人と 語り合う共通の「場」が創り上げられたらというのが願いです。語り合いから生まれた考えを、いつもの自分の生活に持ち帰り、いつもの営みをまた続けてくだ さい。そして次の集まりまで、たくさんの考えを巡らせて下さい。


THINKING Green Grass Group 考える青草の会

What we do:

Deepen your thinking ability and broaden your vision by communicating with other group members through specific activities such as 'listening', 'speaking', 'reading', ‘watching’, ‘sensing’ in both English and Japanese.


Missing opportunities to use English or Japanese in your everyday life? Language use limited to business or academic fields, and seeking more opportunities for discussion in more relaxed environment? Come and join the workshops organised by the ‘THINKING Green Grass Group’ and create a space to develop ideas in both English and Japanese.

Improve language skills and further develop your thinking through facilitated interaction and engagement with other members. Share your developing thoughts – incipient ideas, specific interests, impressions of books/films and many more – in a series of targeted workshops. By listening to and engaging with other people’s ideas, explore deeper into yourself and the way you convey opinions or feelings – and simply enjoy the process itself in a comfortable atmosphere away from the clamour of the city. Delicious lunch provided.

While overseas experience is not essential, applicants are required to have work experience (such as company or self employment, housework, or post-graduate study). All participants attend both the English and Japanese sessions. The group intends to hold workshops on a regular basis in the coming years, but attendees can confirm their intention to participate on a per workshop basis.

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THINKING Green Grass Group 考える青草の会







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leslie.mclaurin said...

I would love to join you... Maybe one day!

雑草屋 said...






This is Manabu who has invited you to shizen-nou garden in Japan! Remenber me? How are you doing?
I want to see you again,one day!

Sacchan said...

I will reserve your membership until the day comes....

Sacchan said...





Gary neale said...

I hope plenty of people will accept your invitation and take advantage of the beautiful location, interesting human company and delicious food satoko. I will be there in spirit!

Sacchan said...


Don't worry. I won't forget to serve delicious food to your spirit on the day.