Thursday, 17 September 2009

A Wonder

munch munch munch.  もぐ もぐ もぐ。

When we adopted Awako (the famous goat repeatedly appearing in my blog pictures) from the eponymous restaurant ‘Awa’ (Millet) in the Nara prefecture, the previous owner summarised the nature of goats in one sentence: their memory lasts only for three days. For the first three days, Awako cried mournfully with all her might and looked frantically for her mother – although her eating activity never ceased. After three days, she gradually adapted to her new life. The only food Awako has access to in her new home is grass in the garden, so she samples about twenty different varieties of weed on a daily basis, and appears to satisfy her limitless appetite. She also seems to have completely forgotten her former existence as a gourmet, being fed delicious left-over fruit skins and chopped vegetables from the restaurant. She grows healthily each day. Her horns, bones, skin, fur...all made out of weeds. What a wonder.

In the farm, Awako is the only creature actively moving (eating) in my vision. Occasionally, gentle breezes blow in the garden. Pampas grasses sway in the wind and white clouds move slowly in the sky above. Awako diligently conducts her usual activity (eating). I suddenly realise how perfectly she fits into a picturesque vision of nature. All she eats and everything that sustains her is visible in the picture. She simply exists in nature and expedites its cycle. Grass transits her digestive system, her body assimilates necessary elements, nourishing substances constitute her body and leftovers are returned to the ground. Beneath the ground level, micro organisms absorb her droppings, fertile soils are produced, seeds stretch roots in the soil and sprouts push their heads up above the ground. Symbiotic activities occur simultaneously at multiple stages and perpetuate cycles running at innumerable levels. Inside her body, within seeds, plants, insects, even wood or stones. What a wonder.

I have become absorbed by the comprehensive worlds confronted by Awako but in the process find audiences may not always share my lasting admiration for the goat. My poor mother happened to call me that day and I rattled away about my newly discovered wonders. After a moment’s silence, I felt her smile at the end of the line. Her tender voice reached this end: ‘Children are my wonder.’ Of course, we are also a part of nature.

It is said that our entire body is transformed completely within one year, considered at the molecular level. Changes do not take place in one night, so even in a three day period there must be numerous changes inside our body. I am probably five times larger than Awako. Perhaps I should not dwell upon issues that are older than fifteen days. Awako does not forget routine actions, and develops naturally by responding to everyday challenges as these arise. Warmth and security felt under her mother seem to be forgotten, instead she knows how not to get entangled by a lead while walking. It took me almost three months to start something new after leaving my previous job. I am one of the wonders just like you are. I shall be able to make a successful transformation.


粟子(ブログの写真にしばしば登場する、有名なヤギです。)を、その名前の由来となる、奈良県にあるレストラン「」から引き取る際、ご主人がヤギの性格を端的に述べられました。 - ヤギは3日で忘れるから。 





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