Friday, 26 March 2010

Spring Has Come

the goat trying to encroach on a neighbour's territory. 隣家の領域を侵そうとするヤギ

When I was a small child, I hated the darkness heralded by nightfall. My parents used to put me in bed around 8 o’clock and my real struggle would start when they stealthily left the room and shut the door behind. No matter how physically exhausted I was after playing in the field all day, I could not go to bed immediately. Imaginary monsters and ghosts would be present at my bed. I built a wall on all sides with stuffed toys – two twin elephants, a monkey, a saint Bernard dog (bigger than me), a tall bear (taller than me), a teddy bear and a little doll called Nana-chan. I asked each one of them repeatedly in my most earnest manner that if something were to attack me, they would fight for me (I was not aware that my mother always came back to my bed a few hours later to rescue a child fast asleep, buried under a mound of fluffy toys.)

I do not know when nights first became my intimate friend. Reading books, taking a bath, watching films, talking to friends over a glass of wine...all my favourite activities take place after dusk. The moment I slip into bed and curl up under the warm quilt, I feel sheer bliss.

A large number of creatures sleep beneath the soil during the winter in my garden. In the underground world, less activity appears to occur in the dark season and it creates a tranquil appearance at the surface. Within my body, I am certain that fewer molecules are active. Warm bed and long sleep become the most irresistible indulgence. This winter seemed particularly long and dark so my desire to sleep had grown to its greatest. Please, leave me alone in the comfort of everlasting sleep! I do not want to know that day has already broken.

Yet, in this idle mode, cheerful messages arrive unexpectedly. An invitation from an old friend to visit her in Russia, a photo of a gorgeous and dark-skinned baby in Washington DC, whose mother I have not been in contact with since High School, an Australian friend who has spent adventurous months in Guatemala...

Spring has come and everyone is in action. Flowers are blooming, frogs are awakening, weeds are sprouting (and the goat is calling for more food). It is time for me to get out of my comfortable nest.

Let’s plant potatoes!

potatoes sunbathing before being planted. 植え付け前に日光浴するジャガイモ。


幼い時、日が暮れてからの暗闇が怖くて仕方がありませんでした。夜の8時には、両親に促されて子供部屋のベッドにもぐりこむのが習慣でした。両親が忍び足で部屋を後にし、ドアをそっと閉めたその瞬間から、私の本当の苦闘が始まります。一日中外で遊びまわって、どんなに疲れていても、すぐ様眠りにつくことはできません。想像上の怪物や幽霊がベッドの脇にそわそわとやって来るのです。周囲にぬいぐるみ -2匹のゾウ、お猿のモンチッチ、小さな私よりはるかに大きな等身大のセントバーナード犬、私の背を越える長身のクマ、テディベア、ナナちゃんという名の小さなお人形-でつくった鉄壁をぐるりと築き、一人ひとり(1匹いっぴき)に、(もしも何者かが夜中にふいに私を襲いにかかったら、一生懸命私を守ってね)と、出来る限りの思いを込めて何度もお願いしました。








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