Thursday, 26 July 2007

Cooking Vegetables

I returned from work a little distressed after a day that had not been best. I was tempted to walk to an Izakaya (Japanese style pub) near my flat, to have a few glasses of Sho-Chu (Japanese spirit), but remembered the Shizen-nou cultivated vegetables contentedly in my refrigerator from the previous weekend.

With little thought, I chopped the vegetables, washed dirt from the potatoes and threw everything into a big sauce pan.

Oh how pretty!

Today’s participants:

From my garden – potato, fennel, silver beet leaves and basil (which became a tasty home made pesto)
From the manager’s garden – cabbage, zucchini, onion and radish (thank you)
From a colleague’s garden – snake bean (cheers)
From a neighbouring farmer’s garden – tomatoes (I swear I didn’t steal them. There is a nice old lady called Miyo-chan, who helps to pick blueberries when gift orders come.)

Now I am a happy little piglet stuffed with vibrant looking healthy vegetables.

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Yabanjin Family said...

Great Blog! Looks like you may have stopped posting, or moved to another site. Are you still gardening & Blogging?