Saturday, 23 June 2007

Café Pique Nique

There is a small farm café called ‘Pique Nique’ near our allotment, run by a young couple trained in Southern France. The husband cooks simple yet delicious food, using locally grown vegetables, and fresh meat and fish. His wife bakes bread and cakes. The couple prepare food in a modest mobile-home kitchen, and the meals are very reasonably priced – lunch plates, for example, cost 550 yen.

Whenever you sit in the open space of the café terrace, you feel like you are in sunshine, even on rainy days. The cosy atmosphere and friendly service attracts not only local customers. Some come all the way from Tokyo to enjoy the meal and savour the tranquil atmosphere of a country village.

つくし農園のそばに、かつてフランスで修行されたご夫婦の経営する「ピクニック」というカフェがあります。ご主人は、近隣で採れた野菜や新鮮はお肉 やお魚を使い、シンプルながらも美味しい料理を作ります。奥さんはパンやケーキを焼きます。お二人は、モービルハウスを改造した簡素なキッチンで料理を し、ランチプレートはたったの550円というお手ごろ価格です。


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